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Connecting your MZ3 to the MYZONE App

Follow these steps to connect your MZ3 Physical Activity belt to the MYZONE APP Step 1. Fit your belt and listen for one beep when it picks up your heart beat Step 2. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone Ste...

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Missing Workout Data

If you are missing workout data then you may see gaps in your workout graph or you may not get a graph at all. Follow the tips below to ensure you are credited for your full workout Tip 1: Check your belt is ...

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Outside Workouts not uploading

If exercise performed away form the facility or out of range of a MZYONE receiver are not uploading to the MYZONE software, please check out these tips: Tip 1. Ensure the MYZONE receiver is visible 8-10ft high...

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Unable to connect to the App after upgrading the belt firmware

For Iphone users​ having difficulty connecting to the App Effort Stream after being prompted to upgrade the belt firmware, please try the following: The belt will reset itself if you re-pair it with the p...

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Data not uploading to Iphone App

If you are currently unable to upload your workouts to the new Iphone app, it may be because you have insufficient memory on your phone to upload the data. During the upload your app may close or it simply wuil...

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