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What is MYZONE?

MYZONE is a health and fitness solution using heart rate monitoring with real-time feedback to motivate and engage you to put your all into your workouts. Simply put on a MYZONE Physical Activity Belt, and your...

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How do you replace the battery in a MYZONE Physical Activity Belt?

The MYZONE Physical Activity Belt uses standard CR2032 lithium batteries. You can change your battery by gently unscrewing the battery cap on the back of your belt module with a coin. Fit the new battery into t...

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Do belts come in other sizes?

The belts are adjustable, but if the belt is too tight for comfort there are large size straps available for purchase.

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Will the MYZONE belt work with a Pacemaker

Medical Guidance • If you have a heart condition, are on medication which affects your heart or have an implemented electronic device (ie pacemaker) consult your physician prior to using the MYZONE Physical Act...

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MZ3 Strap Care

The MYZONE HeartRate strap has not been designed for regular full day use, rather only during concerted exercise. The Sensor area of the strap is not breathable and therefore when the strap is used for a long t...

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