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Data not uploading to Iphone App

If you are currently unable to upload your workouts to the new Iphone app, it may be because you have insufficient memory on your phone to upload the data. During the upload your app may close or it simply wuill not upload the data from your MYZONE belt. If this is the case, please try the following:

1. Close any apps that are currently open. Double tap your home button and swipe up each application to close it and avoid it running in the background. Now open the MYZONE app and attempt to upload your data.
2. To clear the RAM on your phone hold down the on/off buttons until the slide to power off appears. Then hold down the home button for 5 seconds until the home screen appears. This will not remove any data on your phone but simply improve the efficiency. Following this, open the MYZONE app and attempt an upload. 
3. If you are still unable to complete the upload then as a temporary measure, you may be able to seek out another person either with an iphone or Android and sign in to the app with your crendentials and complete the upload that way.

Please note, we are working on a solution to this for all users and expect these options to only be required in the very short term.  

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