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MZ3 Strap Care

The MYZONE HeartRate strap has not been designed for regular full day use, rather only during concerted exercise. The Sensor area of the strap is not breathable and therefore when the strap is used for a long time the skin may react to sweat and chemicals (eg. Body lotion) applied on the skin. Regular washing (40 degree in the washing machine) of the strap is very important and also the skin needs time to breathe. If skin is irritated it should be allowed to heal properly before using a strap again.

Strap Materials
  • Strap composition is Polyamide, Polyurethan and Elastan. 
  • Strap doesn't contain rubber (latex). Elastan is used in the elastic band part.
  • Snap metal parts are stainless steel. Snaps comply with direct skin contact nickle-free requirements but very allergenic persons might still react since there could be slight residues of nickel in stainless steel alloy. Sensors (pads) don't contain nickel.
  • Strap parts are also tested for the coloring agents. Meaning REACH restricted Azo, Allergenic and Carsinogenic dyes are tested from the materials. The red elastic band has passed all the testing requirements



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