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Outside Workouts not uploading

If exercise performed away form the facility or out of range of a MZYONE receiver are not uploading to the MYZONE software, please check out these tips:

Tip 1. Ensure the MYZONE receiver is visible 8-10ft high facing outwards. When uploading stored data, make sure users are within 15ft of the MYZONE receiver until the upload is complete.

Tip 2. Check for the users name along the ticker at the bottom of the screen. This will display the nickname and the time, which confirms that an upload for that user has completed.

Tip 3. Your WIFI network may be interfering with uploads. Uploads occur on 2.478GhZ which means that if your WIFI network is transmitting on either channel 9 or 10 then there will be significant interference. The simple fix for this is to change your WIFI channel to either 5 or 6 which will avoid any signals that MYZONE operates over. 

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