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Missing Workout Data

If you are missing workout data then you may see gaps in your workout graph or you may not get a graph at all. 

Follow the tips below to ensure you are credited for your full workout

Tip 1: Check your belt is picking up your Heart Rate continuously

Your belt should beep once when you put it on when it detects your heartbeat and 3 times when you remove your belt to indicate it has stopped picking up your heartbeat. If your belt beeps during your workout then this indicates an inconsistent reading and you should check that the belt is securely fitted and the sensors on the strap have been moistened.
Tip 2: Ensure you have uploaded stored data

Your MYZONE belt sends data to your MYZONE account in two ways:
  1. Live streaming ​​to a MYZONE receiver at your fitness facility or to the Effort Stream on the MYZONE App (MZ-3 Belt only). In live stream your tile is displayed and data is sent in real time to your MYZONE account
  2. Upload of Data Stored on your belt during workouts performed out of range of a MYZONE receiver or the Effort Stream on the MYZONE App. This data has been stored to the memory on the belt and requires an upload. An upload takes place when you are within 15ft of a MYZONE receiver in your facility or you connect your belt to the effort stream on the App (MZ-3 belt only).  To check that you have completed the upload, look for your time stamp of your most recent upload on your account home page or on the App. 

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