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Connecting your MZ3 to the MYZONE App

Follow these steps to connect your MZ3 Physical Activity belt to the MYZONE APP

Step 1. Fit your belt and listen for one beep when it picks up your heart beat

Step 2. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone

Step 3. Login to the MYZONE APP and select WORKOUT from the main menu

Step 4. Your belt will automatically connect to the App and your live workout tile will display


If you are unable to connect your belt to the Effort Stream then try these troubleshooting tips:
  • Ensure you have a MZ3 Physical Activity Belt. Previous belt versions are not compatible with the MYZONE APP
  • Check your belt number in your profile matches the serial number on the belt
  • Ensure your smartphone bluetooth is turned on 
  • Close other Apps that connect to bluetooth devices particularly fitness apps
  • In your bluetooth settings, forget the MZ3 as a bluetooth device and then retry to connect through the Effort Stream

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