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How does MYZONE calculate caloric expenditure?

MYZONE calculates the number of calories burnt using an industry standard formula which takes into account a number of personal details including your gender, age, weight and heart rate. 

The calorie calculation is based on the most accurate Sports Science white paper in the field
Men: C/min = (-55.0969 + 0.6309 x HR + 0.1988 x weight + 0.2017 x age) / 4.184
Women: C/min = (-20.4022 + 0.4472 x HR - 0.1263 x weight + 0.074 x age) / 4.184
  • The calorie calculation is of course based on a number of factors and takes into account gender, age, weight and HR.  We have discussed this with various international bodies including the Chief Science Officer at ACE (American College of Exercise) who's feedback was as follows;
  • The equation that we are using is the most accurate given the variables that we know about the user (age, weight, gender & HR).
  • The equation proves to be very accurate and maintains a linear relationship in the range in which most users exercise (95 bpm – 150 bpm).
  • There is inherent variability the with the regression equation to perfect the relationship between HR and o2 uptake at higher HR’s. This is most notable for users who exercise above 150 bpm and have a high max HR. This may cause the equation to report a higher than actual caloric expenditure of up to 10-15% for the time over 150 bpm for this specific user.
  • Since our equation uses 75% of the input variables, it is far superior to any calculation that a user would see on a cardiovascular piece of equipment, which uses the inputs of an average human and does not personalize the feedback to the extent that our equation does. 
  • The actual numbers in the formula are from the most accurate and accredited white paper journal in sports science for this calculation. To explain where they get those numbers from is a thesis from tests done. Here is the white paper if you wanted to have a look:

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